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Thursday, 12 April 2012

Welcome to Oslo

Hello peeps, never been to Oslo? It's a shitty city to live in in the wintertime (if you're not fond of wintersports or not very rich), but when spring arrives it can be quite magic!

Usually people living in the city can get stone cold in the dark season, but when the sunny time of the year emerges, most inhabitants gets the long forgotten smile back on their faces.  It is really amazing each year to experience this transition of the collective mood on the street!

The feeling is difficult to describe simply with words. If you ever get the chance to experience it yourself you will have a memory for life!

Also, along with the smiles, outdoor activity booms and makes sure that Oslo can offer a wide variety of things to to and explore if you're around. Oslo is one of the worlds biggest cities by outreach, including the city`s huge forest and numerous islands in the fjord.

If you want a good calender to navigate by, either as a visitor or a becoming resident, please check out Mostly written in norwegian, but in general you can spot gigs and exhibition dates of interest there!